RESIDENT Magazine is specifically designed and laid out to catch the reader’s attention and offers much editorial on the area they live in. We include neighborhood information, clubhouses, country clubs, social clubs, events, happenings, announcements, schools, organizations, charities, resident stories and lots of pictures. We call this “hyper-local”. With information targeted to and about just this area, RESIDENTS ARE EAGER TO READ ABOUT THEMSELVES, THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND THEIR COMMUNITY, bringing everyone together. This, along with a high quality look, causes higher readership and sustainability. With a highly targeted readership aimed at residents in the affluent communities of New Tampa and Wesley Chapel, with the authority to make purchasing decisions, any advertising or editorial booked with RESIDENT Magazine is guaranteed to reach decision-makers.

RESIDENT Magazine is a key component in many businesses’ marketing plans and has consistently delivered excellent results for many advertising campaigns. Aside from an extensive hard-copy readership, the publication is also online through ISSUU at our website: www.ResidentMarketing.com/view-magazine/. We keep 6 months of each community online so you may flip through them, just like a magazine, and locate past articles ads and pictures. We are on Facebook, as well. www.facebook.com/ResidentMagazine.

Resident Marketing team have 22 years of excellent service in sales and publishing. The end result, for residents, is a magazine that is all about them. The end result, for businesses, is a great ROI. The end result, for us, is making sure, everyone that is involved, is well pleased with our work and products. We are faithful members of The Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce and The New Tampa Chamber.